Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Expel the moslems

Muslims have for so long filled the world with anti-Jewish propaganda and hate (as have many so-called Christians for that matter, but that's another story for another day) that it's quite ironic that in 2016, even the most 'mild' of Muslim behavior has gotten to such a fever pitch that they actually warrant expulsion from every continent on the globe. 

Unlike the false accusations and paranoid fantasies which led to Jewish expulsions, the evidence speaks for itself. They are incompatible. They must go. From everywhere, they must go. They must be sent back to the Arabian peninsula. We've all had enough, thank you very much.

A strong United States should pull nations together to expel all Muslims who incite hatred and violence to Bumfuck Middle-East. Maybe somewhere in the middle of nowheresville Syria, or drop them off in Saudi Arabia. Who cares really, so long as they are out of our hair and somewhere with their own kind.