Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Recent good reads

Some books I've read lately that I recommend:

 Epic and unflinching work by Roth. Has literally changed my reading interests. Roth is a genius.

 Another good, earlier book by Roth. It gets kind of maudlin and can make a man question whether any marriage could ever work.

 This book by Mogel has excellent parenting advice and a lot of the advice can be applied to inter-personal relationships as well, including marriages.

 Good Christian inspiration here. Some great "print out and hang on the wall" aphorisms in it. Plus an interesting take on the crucifixion, burial, resurrection and relationship between Jewish and Gentile believers.

 This book is in the references section of the Brown book. Aside from a few mis-steps where the author gets a little too Roman Catholic for my taste, this is an epic and amazing history of Jesus and his times.

...a new Letters to a Young Man is in the works, coming soon-ish...