Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Letters to a young man 40

Hello my friend.

Things to ponder:

One of the most important challenges you will face in life, particularly as you get older, will be to adjust your habitual demeanor and manner towards family and friends. This will be especially true of your immediate family. You may find yourself unconsciously approaching situations with a certain attitude which frames the entire interaction in a way which, if you were more conscious of it, would make you cringe.

Keep on your toes and examine yourself and your behavior. Are you acting unconsciously, like some kind of robot? Are you giving your family all that you can? Are you building up mental responses in your mind before you're even spoken to, such that the words fly out of their own accord, in an unthinking manner? 

A great, and often untapped source of fulfillment and pleasure in life, is service to one's family. Focus on that and you will find more treasure than you might expect.

You will do well in life if you can know yourself and what you are doing. But you will excel if you realize your powerlessness and ask for God's grace, wisdom, and power, realizing that you have none.

Farewell for now.