Thursday, September 24, 2015

Open your heart to the Spirit

At times I have foolishly grasped with an anxious heart after God's grace, love, and forgiveness. I laugh gently at myself as I realize that He wants me to stop grasping, to let Him take over and to open my heart to His Spirit.

So easy to get caught up in trying to do or be something that God wants us to be. No doubt He does want us to walk in the steps of Jesus and to follow His commands. Yet, we can so easily drift into being confused, into thinking that the grace of God's Spirit will only come to us by virtue of something that we do. What folly!

The Lord gives His grace to us as a gift. We cannot earn it. To think that we do is to go back to the very practices that Jesus warned the people of His day about, as did God's prophets. Let us therefore open our hearts, and not by virtue of something we do to open them, but let us ask God to open them so that we may receive His Spirit.

Father, we pray that your Spirit may enter our hearts,
That we may not be foolish in believing that we somehow 
accomplish things which make us worthy of it,
We are never worthy of it by anything we do, only in our belief
in you and by Your grace do we receive it.
Thanks be to God.