Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Stoic Thought Experiment

I recently added a pittance to the digital canon by issuing:

I ask you to ponder this question. Think about the ramifications of your time with those who hold power and consider what might come of it.

For some, this is an opportunity to network, to learn and to gain perspective from the champions of politics and industry. For others, it is an opportunity to influence the powerful. Hopefully for some greater purpose.

Think on Seneca as he spent countless hours of his life in service to Nero. Do you serve such a tyrant in your work? We doubtless run into those types in life, hopefully we are not chained to them as Seneca was. Yet, do we try to influence them for the better, to impart some stoic thinking to them?

It could be fairly said that a great good might be done for the world in trying to influence those at the top to consider their actions, and themselves, in the context of humankind, generally. Having access to such people is rare. Ten minutes isn't very long to talk with someone, so you would need to have your thoughts organized.

Which direction do you take this opportunity?

The shy may ponder this query privately. The less shy are encouraged to leave a comment.