Sunday, March 9, 2014

Brian and Peter, a new book by Michael Byc

Below is an excerpt from Michael Byc's new book, "Brian and Peter the tale of a transcendent friendship". The talented Mr. Byc is looking for an illustrator for this work, so if you're interested please contact him by way of his twitter here.

This is a moment that can ruin or build a boy’s reputation. How one responds to the gyrations of a girl at a party is a do or die moment. Brian was oblivious to Kimberly’s test of his prowess with girls.

However, Peter understood. He knew action must be taken. So, he poked Kimberly in the back.

Kimberly immediately turned around and looked at Brian. He was pale with embarrassment and fright. “I didn’t know that you liked me, I’m glad! I really like you too.” Then on tippy toes she gave Brian a peck on the lips.

With his first kiss, Brian was no longer afraid of spending time with a girl in a closet. As luck would have it, he was able to spend most of his time with Kimberly in the dark. She also offered him many boobertunities, which he was more than happy to pamper.

From that moment on Peter and Brian were best friends. The world would become their oyster and Peter would always push Brian to shuck it.

Brian, my friend it’s time to rise
The sun is up and its gorgeous outside
Birds are chirping and deer graze
Before the day begins, an urge must subside

I must say you had some vivid dreams
That last night gave me a good pump
I’m about to blow to smithereens
All this buildup I need to dump

Times-a-wasting so load up the computer
Maybe a vid of a student that fucks her tutor?
Or would you prefer to multitask while you shower?
Imagining a fantasy where an ass you deflower?

It’s high time you made up your mind
I’m throbbing and veiny, with balls blue
Damn it, hurry and lower the window blind
Before I go ahead and make some homemade roux.