Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The wisdom of Kurt Harris

Many of you are familiar with the new wave of dietary nutrition known as the paleo diet. Many of us have adopted various elements of this new way of thinking about eating and continue to experiment and change what we put in our bodies. This is a good thing, especially if you start from the foundation of the Standard American Diet (SAD).

Hopefully you're familiar with Kurt Harris, M.D., who used to have a site called panu but now has a site called Archevore. His blog is also linked in my blogroll under Health and Travel. If you're not familiar with his writing and approach, I highly recommend you check it out. This page is a great place to start.

Today I want to mention another post of his and another aspect to Dr. Harris that had eluded me for a while. He is wise, and also a very cool guy. I have no idea if he would feel comfortable being called a Red Pill guy, or if he would blanch at the thought. I like his style though. He hunts and kills his own food. He speaks his mind, and is unapologetic. I admire his courage in thought and how he approaches things with a no-nonsense and yet not too serious mindset. Easier said than done. I just wish he would blog more. But perhaps he's working on a book, and if so, I will read it.

Anyway, I want to point to a post of his that has some great thought. It's called Therapy versus Life. Here's a quote:
[There's a] huge contingent who think there is a "secret" to health and longevity the way there must be a secret to wealth, early retirement, being happy and finding love. They want to believe none of these worthy things are as hard or elusive as thousands of years of history, if not our own lives, have taught us.

These are the people who buy "The Secret" and books by Tim Ferriss. People who fantasize that life is all about "tricks" and "hacks". Perpetual youth and effortless happiness. Little study or real work required. Everyone can outsource everything and no real value need ever be produced.


So I would encourage you to ask yourself, what are you looking for? Do you think there is a "secret"? Are you fantasizing about immortality? Is everything a tweak or a hack or a trick? Do you think every problem in your life can be fixed by changing your diet?

Or do you see life as complex and tragic but sweet and rewarding, and are happy just to stack the odds in your favor with diet and then get on about your other business?

Words of wisdom indeed.