Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The art of resting

Recently I've been reflecting on our society's attitude towards rest.  We work too hard, and assume that we must toil, and toil, and toil some more to 'get ahead'. And when we're done with our work, we insist that we 'play hard', whatever that means. We label ourselves (and others) as lazy or weak when they aren't giving 110% at all times (whether at work or play). Our health, work, and relationships all suffer from this lack of rest.

For each step forward you take, for each new lesson learned, pause a moment. Food digests over time, why should it be different for knowledge?

Every task you begin should hold your sole attention and focus. How many hours have I wasted by dividing my attention between two or more tasks?

When you are tired, you should rest. Despite what we may think, our body knows what it needs and is trying to tell us. Hunger is no different.

A man walking around without proper rest is a shadow of his well-rested self. Shadows can't get things done, nor make good impressions.
The next time you feel truly fatigued, don't reach for the coffee; stop a moment and really feel your body. This may not be practical during work, but if at all possible do this; your body is sending you signals for a reason. Taking things a step further, devote one week to being well rested. Go to bed earlier and get a good night's sleep every night. If, like me, you were used to getting less than optimum rest week after week, this will literally be a game changer. Your energy levels, motivation, and focus will all increase.

Many of us don't know how tired we truly are, and haven't a clue how much rest our bodies actually need. Imagine what would happen, eventually, if you never knew you were hungry.

A man without rest is like a tree that never has a break from the sun, withered.